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Medicaid Updates

Medicaid Dental Program Updates

Please bookmark and check this page for frequent updates on Colorado's Medicaid Dental Program.

October 2014

  • State Medicaid Program Newsletter (see page 6 for dental updates)
    Includes updates on Children's Benefit Rulemaking and the Orthodontic Benefits Collaborative
  • DentaQuest Provider Newsletter
    Includes important updates on a forthcoming fee increase, PAR criteria for periodontal scaling and root planing, PAR clarifications for anesthesia services and contact information for Colorado DentaQuest team members

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Take 5: Making Colorado healthier through access to a dentist


Take 5 pledge helping dentists engage with Colorado’s adult dental Medicaid program

Click to Join Take 5Next year, 300,000 Colorado adults will qualify for dental coverage through the state’s Medicaid program. Many of these adults—including parents, expectant moms and people with chronic and developmental health conditions—will be looking to access much-needed preventative and restorative dental care.

Colorado’s dentists need to be ready to care for these patients. The CDA took a leadership role in increasing Medicaid coverage. Through the CDA’s Take 5 program, dentists can further their commitment to helping address the oral health needs of our state.

Take 5 Program

The CDA’s Take 5 pledge calls on member dentists to accept a minimum of five Medicaid patients or families into their practice. The program is designed to make it possible for every CDA member to participate, do their part and commit at a level that works best for their practice.

The CDA will provide resources and support to members who take the pledge—with the goal of making participation in Medicaid as simple and efficient as possible. As the rules for the adult program come together, Take 5 dentists will receive updates and information on working with the state Medicaid department and learn best practices for integrating patients into their practices.

Patients and stakeholders can learn more about the CDA's Take 5 pledge by clicking here.

Dentists, learn more about changes to Colorado’s Medicaid dental coverage and CDA’s Take 5 pledge in the Summer and Fall 2013 editions of the CDA Journal.

Take the Pledge

Take 5 participants will be recognized on this site as leaders in improving access to dental care—demonstrating our commitment to making Colorado healthier through access to a dentist.

Click here to join your colleagues in taking the Take 5 pledge.

Learn more about Medicaid

The adult dental benefit launced in July 2014. The CDA continues to work with the state to ensure that this program is effective and efficient for both patients and providers. In addition, the CDA continues to develop online resources and interactive tools to help dentists better care for their Take 5 patients.

To start the enrollment process with Colorado Medicaid, please click here. Find helpful tips and tools for enrolling as a Medicaid provider here.

For assistance with the credentialing process, contact Medicaid's credentialing team at 800-237-0757. DentaQuest's recruitment team at 855-873-1283 are also happy to discuss details of your Medicaid participation.

Helpful Medicaid Provider Resources


Dentists at the Capitol Sign Up and Calendar

Dentists at the Capitol Sign Up
Sign up to spend 3 hours at the state capitol to speak to legislators about the important issue of insurers dicating fees for services they don't cover. The CDA will provide all the training you need – including an orientation, review of key talking points, introductions to legislators and guidance during the discussion of the issue. Sign up today for a time in the next 3 weeks. Available times are listed in the calendar at the bottom of this page.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 - to - Friday, March 25, 2011

Colorado State Capitol
Basement Level/Cafeteria Area
200 East Colfax Avenue
Denver, CO 80203
Driving Directions

Parking Instructions: There is a parking lot directly east of the state Capitol (between Colfax and 14th, Grant and Logan). Otherwise, you can look for street parking, other flat fee lots or meters in the area.

Jennifer Goodrum
Colorado Dental Association
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Sample Dentist LTEs

Sample Letters to the Editor from Dentists:

Use the letters below as templates to help you craft a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Click here to find the email address of your local newspaper.


Dear editor,

Just about any problem left untreated will cost a lot more to resolve as time goes by. That's exactly what we see happening across Colorado among the thousands of emergency room patients each year who seek costly, acute care for abscesses and other oral health problems that could have been treated much earlier and more cost-effectively by dentists.

Too often, those seeking help so late are low-income Coloradans who couldn't afford to see a dentist for preventative care and early intervention. That's why Gov. John Hickenlooper's budget proposal to offer a dental coverage benefit to adults on Medicaid could be a real game changer. It not only will provide needed care for an underserved part of our state's population, but it will also benefit the rest of Colorado's health care consumers—who ultimately pick up the cost of preventable emergency room visits. By some estimates, $2 million to $5 million could be saved every year by helping low-income Coloradans visit a dentist before they need emergency care.

I'm one of the many dentists in our state who wants to help. A Medicaid dental benefit will enable us to make a difference. For a modest investment in the oral health of low-income adults, we'll be able to prevent far costlier care in the future. Greater access to dental care assures better overall health among the public in general.

[Dentist's name]

To the editor:

As a dentist who has served our community for years, I'd like to express my support for Senate Bill 242, pending legislation at the State Capitol that would offer a dental benefit to adults eligible for the state Medicaid program. Championed by Gov. John Hickenlooper, this important step in boosting our state's oral health can't come too soon.

Neglected dental care is a significant factor in driving up health care costs across Colorado. Too often, cavities and other routine oral health problems that could be treated effectively and inexpensively through the timely intervention of a dentist are put off—often due to financial limitations. As these problems progress, they often turn into an expensive trip to the local emergency room. In fact, there were up to 39,000 unnecessary emergency room visits last year in our state for dental emergencies. And the costs for those visits inevitably are passed to other consumers through higher health insurance premiums.

By some estimates, $2 million to $5 million could be saved each year by preventing such trips to the emergency room through earlier intervention, which is to say an ounce of prevention truly is worth a pound of cure. That's why the governor's proposal for an adult Medicaid dental benefit makes so much sense. Investing in dental care now for some of our underserved citizens will improve their overall and oral health—and will help avoid costly emergency room visits down the road.

[Dentist's name]


Key Issues

Key Issues

{access public}Please log in using the login box at the top right corner of your screen to view content.{/access}{access !public}The alerts listed below address key issues for the dental profession at the local, state and federal levels. Please take 5 minutes now and send a message to your legislator on these issues. Be sure to customize your letter to make it more effective!



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