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Colorado Dental Board Updates: What You Need to Know!

October 13, 2016

It’s been a busy year for the Colorado Dental Board. The board has updated policies and rules—and the CDA has been there every step of the way. The board also has announced a large number of volunteer opportunities, which is a great way for dentists to get directly involved. Here’s what you need to know. 


CDT 2017 Helps Streamline Coding and Reduce Mistakes

October 13, 2016

The ADA has released CDT 2017: Dental Procedure Codes, the definitive coding manual for dental professionals. By helping dental office staff code correctly, this latest edition of CDT is designed to streamline coding and speed reimbursement by third-party payers.


Why Social Media is Important for Your Practice

By Melody Gandy-Bohr
Whether you want to increase appointment requests or patient engagement, social media is an all-important tool that can help you reach your marketing goals. Social media helps connect people to one another online, and can connect your practice to potential patients. Those connections are vital to your success.


Cyber Liability: Is Your Practice Protected?

By Mitch Laycock
In 2015, the healthcare sector had 39% of all data breaches, according to Symantec’s 2016 “Internet Security Threat Report” ( The report also shows 429 million identities were exposed in 2015—a 23% increase over 2014. Here’s what dental professionals should know about cyber liability to protect your patients and your practice.


Assembling the Right Team to Open a New Office

By Stephen Strecker
One of the most significant business decisions you will make is the strategic choice of your office’s location. In many markets, the incentives offered by landlords to new tenants make relocation more appealing than renewing a lease in your existing space, and before signing any lease renewal you should evaluate all the options in your area.


What Are Buyers Looking For?

By Marie Chatterley
The dental market is hardly suffering from a shortage of dentists in more populated areas of the country; however, the increased supply of dentists does not equate to a profusion of ideal opportunities. Most dental school graduates prefer to live in cities and suburbs, not in rural America. This results in greater competition in the more populated parts of the country and thereby making location the number one priority in the dental career decision process.  


Connecting the Head to the Body

By Krysia Gabenski
Integrating dental care with medical care offers patients a whole healthcare experience that links oral health with systemic health. As healthcare becomes increasingly more patient-centric, with a focus on overall health, this integration will provide value to both patients and healthcare providers. Across Colorado, many dental-medical integration models have been established—and each one differs from the next, offering interested oral healthcare and medical professionals a chance to tailor programs to fit their strengths and their communities’ needs. 


Voting Guide for Colorado Dentists

By Jennifer Goodrum
From the Fall 2016 Journal of the Colorado Dental Association

The 2016 election is critical for dentistry, as you will be electing the federal and state senators and representatives who will decide key issues for dentistry, including insurance reform, Medicaid and access-to-dental care issues in Colorado. That’s why the CDA created a 2016 election guide that looks at how proposed amendments and ballot issues could affect you.

Funding the Foundation

By Greg Hill, J.D., C.A.E.
From the Fall 2016 Journal of the Colorado Dental Association

When the CDA officers gathered this summer to begin discussing the association’s five-year strategic plan, they focused on their vision that the CDA be the recognized leading advocate for oral health in Colorado. To make sure the dental profession continues to occupy this space, the CDA is implementing a multi-pronged strategy, including better using its nonprofit, the CDA Foundation.


CDA Endorsed Products Spotlight: ADA Business Resources

October 7, 2016

The products and services available with ADA Business Resources can help dentists manage the business side of their practices more smoothly and efficiently. ADA Business Resources lets dentists choose with confidence knowing these resources have been thoroughly researched and endorsed for CDA members. Learn about these companies, and what they offer CDA members!


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