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Explorers2011Thank you to program volunteers: Dr. Jennifer Garza, Dr. Charles Danna, Dr. Mike Poulos, Dr. Pat Prendergast, Dr. Brian Gurinsky, Dr. Nelle Barr, Dr. Michael Scheidt and Frank Garza.

This year’s Explorer curriculum includes:

Injection techniques with oranges, dental anatomy and dental instruments, waxing in the dental lab, and laser cavity detection.

Suture placement, tooth extractions and scaling using pig mandibles.

Bonding braces to tooth models, tying in wires to braces, taking impressions and digital x-ray demonstrations.

Cosmetic build-ups, oral cancer education and meth mouth education.

Dental sealant application, hygiene, packing and carving silver-colored fillings, and dental laser demonstration.

Admission to the Rocky Mountain Dental Convention.

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