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After the election earlier this month, we are pleased to report that CODPAC had a 95% success rate with its candidate support. 53 candidates that CODPAC supported in the general election won their races.

As a result of the election, there are now 32 new state legislators that will take office in early January 2013. CODPAC has already provided a basic introduction to dental issues for many of these new lawmakers. However, there is a tremendous opportunity for dentists to establish strong relationships and further educate their legislators on the vital dental issues expected to be addressed over the next two years, including topics like dental mid-level providers and the Dental Practice Act Sunset Review.

Please consider helping the CDA with legislative outreach by becoming a CDA Action Team Leader or Action Team Member.  The Action Team Leader program pairs dentists with legislators in common districts.  The CDA provides its Action Team Leader dentists with all of the training and talking points needed to talk to their legislator. Contact the CDA to learn more at 303-740-6900 or 800-343-3010.   

Also, please mark your calendar and plan to attend the 2013 CDA State Lobby Day on Friday, Feb. 15, 2013. Additional details on the event will be distributed in the near future.

Finally, we would like to extend a special thanks to CODPAC Board members for all their hard work during this election season: Dr. Karen Foster, Dr. Jeff Kahl, Dr. Dave Lurye, Dr. Bob Morrow, Dr. Ciaran Murphy, Dr. Rhett Murray and Dr. Steve Nelson.

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